Writer Alexandra Fedorets
Alexandra Fedorets
Empirical Labor Economist at DIW Berlin
  • Uni: University of Ottawa
  • Degree: Master’s
  • Writing Experience: 2 years
  • Completed orders: 198

Research by Alexandra Fedorets

My major research field is labor economics, with the focus on minimum wages and occupational contents. I am very much interested in how new technologies affect our work, including possibilities to use them to overcome severe non-compliance issues.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

[9] Mindestlohn und Arbeitsintensität – Evidenz aus Deutschland (Minimum Wage and Work Intensity – Evidence from Germany) (2021), WSI Mitteilungen, Ausgabe 6/2021, S. 446-453.
Joint with Ralf Himmelreicher

[8] Great Expectations: Reservation Wages and Minimum Wage Reform (2021), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 183, p. 397-419.
Joint with Cortnie Shupe
Earlier version: SOEPpapers

[7] Inspections and Compliance: Enforcement of the Minimum Wage Law (2021), Public Finance Analysis / Finanzarchiv, vol. 77(1), p. 1-58.
Joint with Mattis Beckmannshagen

[6] The Economic Research Potentials of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (2020), German Economic Review, vol. 21(3), p. 335-371.
Joint with Carsten Schroeder, Johannes Koenig, Jan Goebel, Maria Metzing, Felicitas Schikora, Holger Lüthen, Markus Grabka, Stefan Liebig

[5] Job Matching on Connected Regional and Occupational Labor Markets (2019), Regional Studies, vol. 53(8), p. 1085-1098.
Joint with Michael Stops and Franziska Lottmann
Earlier version: IAB DP

[4] Economic Aspects of Subjective Attitudes towards the Minimum Wage Reform (2019), Public Finance Analysis / Finanzarchiv, vol. 75(4), pp. 357-379.
Joint with Carsten Schröder
Earlier version: SOEPpapers

[3] The Short-Run Employment Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform (2018) Labour Economics, vol. 53(C), p. 46-62.
Joint with Marco Caliendo, Malte Preuss, Carsten Schröder and Linda Wittbrodt
Earlier versions: IZA DP | SOEPpapers

[2] Changes in Occupational Tasks and Their Association with Individual Wages and Occupational Mobility (2018) German Economic Review, vol. 20(4), p. e295-e328.
Earlier version 2011: SFB 649 DP

[1] Flexibilität und Anpassungsfähigkeit von Beschäftigten mit dualer Berufsausbildung (2011) Journal for Labour Market Research, vol. 44(1/2), p. 127-134
Joint with Alexandra Spitz-Oener

Work in Progress

Gender Quotas in the Boardroom: New Evidence from Germany (2019), submitted
Joint with Anna Gibert and Norma Burow
Discussion paper: DIW Discussion Paper 1810

How Do Households Allocate Risk? (2018), submitted
Joint with Christoph Engel and Olga Gorelkina
Discussion paper: DP MPI | SOEPpapers

The Short-Term Distributional Effects of the German Minimum Wage Reform (2018), submitted
Joint with Marco Caliendo, Malte Preuss, Carsten Schröder and Linda Wittbrodt
Discussion paper: IZA DP | SOEPpapers

Where the Minimum Wage Bites Workers (2017)
Joint with Kai-Uwe Müller
Discussion paper: DP VfS

Working Papers

  • Compensating Wage Differentials, Sorting into Occupations and Job Tasks (2016) DP VfS
  • Closing the Gender Pay Gap and Individual Task Profiles: Women’s Advantages from Technological Progress (2014) DP VfS
  • Changes in Occupational Demand Structure and their Impact on Individual Wages (2011) SFB 649 DP
Approved by Alexandra Fedorets
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